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From traditional veils and tiaras to couture hats, headbands, fascinators, combs, clips and pins, hair accessories are all the rage in bridal fashion right now. But just because you love the idea of a particular embellishment doesn’t mean it’s the correct fit for your coiffure.

Here, two hair adornment experts weigh in on the best pieces to pair with five popular bridal hairstyles.

Long Hair Worn Down

A headband will add a little ornamentation and help pull your look together without detracting from your luxurious locks, says Gina Ludwig, owner of HairComesTheBride, which sells all manner of bridal accessories, in addition to offering hair and makeup services across the country. Try on classic, ribbon and tiara versions to see what’s most comfortable and the best combination with your hair and face.

Designer Emma Harrison, who sells unique, modern hair adornments made of materials like vintage lace and jewelry through her Etsy shop, Emma Lee, suggests donning a thin, understated headband studded with rhinestones or pearls for a clean, chic look, or going for classic romance with a lace veil that is longer than your hair.

Elaborate Up-Do

Because your hairstyle is already making a striking statement, you’ll want to keep your hair accessories on the simple side, says Harrison. She recommends accenting luscious pinned-up curls with a floral clip for a vintage edge, or adding a little sparkle with a repurposed brooch.

“A small comb worn to the side of the style or a rhinestone headband would both work beautifully,” adds Ludwig. “However, if you are a very dramatic bride, a feather fascinator would also be stunning.”

Simple Up-Do

Even if your hair will be pulled back in a more conventional, classic style, Ludwig still suggests opting for a hair comb. Small, delicate pieces are perfect for weddings with a more casual or romantic feel, while larger, dramatic options will really shine at a formal fête.

Harrison’s go-to hair accessory for adding pizzazz to a simple look is a sheer birdcage veil with silk petals or real flowers pinned at the base. She also likes fabric or real blooms tucked into a French bun or pinned behind your ear.

Short Hair

Harrison advises taking your uncomplicated cut from everyday to Big Day with a sassy fascinator adorned with sparkles, pearls or hand-cut organza petals. For a more refined look, simply slip on a dainty rhinestone bobby pin or two. Ludwig also likes the subtle sexiness and playful nature of short hair paired with a vintage-inspired birdcage veil or minimal headband. 

Curly Hair

Ludwig’s favorite hair accessory for showcasing lush ringlets is a faux flower pin, comb or fascinator. She recommends blooms with a natural feel for a loose, casual hairdo, whereas big silk, organza or feather pieces with bling-y centers can formalize your look. Harrison also loves the idea of adding subdued elegance to curls worn up or down with a lace headband or even just a string of pearls.

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