4 Little Things to Delight Your Guests

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While a wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom, it’s also a celebration of love, friends and family. Don’t forget to honor your loved ones who took time out of their busy schedules to celebrate the beginning of your new life together. Here are four wonderful ways to say thanks.

1. Make your guests feel at home with comfort stations

Imagine yourself in your guests’ shoes. Getting married on a hot summer day? Offer comfort stations with handy necessities – cold water, sunglasses, hats and paper fans. Planning a late summer or fall soiree? Make sure guests don’t get chilly after the sun goes down by setting out blankets or pashminas.

Amanda Morris, a Chicago-area bride-turned-wedding-planner, created a “S’mores and Snuggles Station” for guests at her September 2012 wedding that included a spread of artisan marshmallows and chocolates, a warm fire and chic pashminas for guests to cuddle up in.

2. Give your guests a favor they’ll actually use

We all have those wedding favors from years ago that are just collecting dust. Offer guests a gift they’ll actually use like yummy chocolates, a donation to your favorite charity on behalf of guests, or a gift with life of its own.

Kasie Semrau of Ann Arbor, Mich., says she attended a wedding where the couple, both biologists, gave out “seed bomb” favors. The bombs, made of clay and seeds, can be thrown in the garden or lawn, offering guests a delightful way to beautify their home with gorgeous blooms. Make your own or order them from companies like American Meadows.

3. Personalize wedding elements after guests

Make your guests feel loved by including them in the wedding! Working on a wedding photo slideshow? Dig into your Facebook photo albums and slip in photos of you and your guests.

If you’re doing signature cocktails, name some of the cocktails after your wedding party or guests; for RSVPS, include a line asking for a favorite song to include on the playlist.

4. Put a twist on the traditional goodie bag

Morris, founder of Luxe Ones event planning, says goodie bags can be a great way to incorporate your guests. Give everyone a glimpse of your personalities by setting up a “Favorite Things” station with your favorite candies or snacks. To make it more guest-driven, include some of their favorite treats too.

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