Ask a Bride: Help! What If I Need To Postpone Or Cancel My Wedding?

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No one wants to think the worst, especially when it comes to the happiest day of your life, but in the off chance you find yourself in a wedding pickle, it can pay to be prepared.

Here’s what to do in worst-case scenarios.

What if I need to postpone the wedding?

There are a host of reasons why you might consider postponing a wedding, whether it’s because of inclement weather or a family emergency.

If you’re on the fence on whether or not to push back the wedding, consider a few things, like what your vendor contracts may say about rescheduling. Will you be fined or lose out on the deposits you’ve already made?

Look at your finances to figure out if you’ll be able to swing any monetary consequences that may ensue.
If the decision has been made to reschedule, first things first — notify your guests as soon as possible and preferably by mail or via phone.

What if we call off the wedding?

Things happen. And if it comes to the point that you need to call off the wedding, for whatever reason, start by telling your guests.

Similar to postponing the wedding, if there’s time, you should send out a notification via mail and worded in similar formal writing. Don’t feel the need to explain why the wedding has been canceled — that can be done in person. A short, succinct, “The wedding of bride and groom has been postponed indefinitely” will get the message across. If there isn’t time to send out mailed messages, someone needs to call each guest to notify them of the cancellation.

After notifying guests, you should immediately notify any vendors you have booked. Explain the situation and consult the contracts you’ve signed to see if you can recoup any deposits you may have already made.

The farther away you are from the date when giving vendors notice, the better chance you have.

Though it doesn’t hurt to double check, unfortunately, most wedding insurance policies won’t help with a change of heart.

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