Winter-Wedding Beauty Secrets

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You might think the season doesn't matter when it comes to mapping out your big-day beauty regimen. But from freezing temperatures and low humidity, to rain, snow and whipping wind, winter weather can throw a wrench in your picture perfect plans.

To begin with, it's important to remember that your skin is essentially your canvas. Winter weather can parch the skin's top-most layer, contributing to dry, flaky, cracked or leathery patches. "Just as air conditioning sucks the moisture out of the air, colder weather can do the same thing," says Joel Schlessinger, M.D., an Omaha, Neb.-based dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon.

The Skinny on Skin

To maintain even skin tone and a glowing complexion, amp up the moisturizer in the months leading up to your event. Consider finding a product that doubles as a sunscreen, and be sure to slather it on during the week of your wedding, especially if you are getting married in the mountains. Above an altitude of 8,000 feet, clouds provide essentially no protection, thereby allowing UVC rays to burn skin, in addition to the normal damage done by UVA and UVB rays. "This damage is then exacerbated by the magnification of all UV rays reflecting off the snow," says Schlessinger. To avoid unsightly burns, wear an SPF of at least 30 every day, and remember to reapply every two hours.

As the big day looms closer, turn up the humidifier if you have one, and remember to drink plenty of water. Avoid long, hot showers as these are guaranteed to remove any moisture or oils that have miraculously clung to your body, advises Schlessinger. It's OK to exfoliate with a gentle grainy scrub once or twice a week, or consider substituting a moisturizer with an alpha-hydroxy acid to gently slough off dead cells and keep skin supple; however, skip trying out any new, potentially irritating products the actual week of your wedding.

Keep it Light

For silky, healthy winter hair, use a deep conditioning treatment with a warm wrap once a week, and look for extra-moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. You should also protect your hair with a hat when heading outdoors.

As for elegant winter wedding style, select your makeup look from the seasonal palettes that are often based on earth tones, deep roses, cranberries and dusty shades, says Denise O'Donoghue, beauty and jewelry director for Brides magazine. She suggests keeping your look lighter for daytime festivities, with a smoky lavender eye and softer lips, but going stronger for evening soirees with eyeliner and smoky silvers and grays. "Wear color with some depth but not so dark that photos will read it as black," says O'Donoghue And to increase the chances that your makeup will stay put even as you dash through the pouring rain, wear waterproof mascara and spritz your finished face with a makeup finishing product - O'Donoghue likes Bridal Makeup Finish by Skindinavia.

Humidity-Proof Hair

Although you can get away with almost any hairstyle during any season, the key is to find products that address winter weather concerns, such as wind and low-humidity. "You want products that give control and hold but don't leave hair stiff and untouchable," says O'Donoghue. "We love Garnier Fructis Style Full Control Hairspray." You should also arm yourself with a hair serum or defrizzing product to lightly smooth down unruly hair. But if you know the wind is going to be especially intense at your location, consider opting for a tight chignon or French twist, O'Donoghue suggests. "Once in place, these two styles are sure to stay put all night."

Finally, don't sabotage all your hard work by forgetting to bring along an umbrella.

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