How to Rock Wedding Trends from Real Brides


By definition, a trend isn’t necessarily something with staying power. The word ‘trend’ can mean a movement, like “there’s been an upward trend in pastel wedding colors,” or it could simply mean a fashion, or something that’s currently en vogue.

And when it comes to weddings, there are a whole lot of trends – what’s “in” right now may not necessarily be “in” a few years down the line. Here’s a look at how a few real brides used trendy details at their weddings.

Trend: Wearing a fun, non traditional dress

Wedding gown styles often come and go, from traditional lace and tool to out-of-the-box jumpsuits and colorful floral stitching. For her August 2014 nuptials, bride Nicole Granacki was all set to say yes to a traditional gown she put on hold when she realized what she really wanted.

“My cousin is a fashion designer, and had said it was a timeless dress,” Granacki says. “And at that moment, I realized I didn’t care about being timeless. I wanted a fun dress that was more about that day.”

So the Chicago bride went to a trunk show at Ultimate Bride and fell in love with a “crazy, over-the-top” more trendy dress that was part of a new collection and on a mannequin in the window. The “super blingy” Monique Lhuillier Violet gown, with a full tulle skirt, fit Nicole’s vision instantly.

Of course, going with a more trendy gown can be problematic if you’re concerned with what fashions may look like 10 or 20 years down the road. If that’s the case, look to a more “timeless” dress with details and elements that have been streamlined over the years.

Trend: Donning floral crowns and rocking the boho vibe

One of the biggest current trends in the wedding world is the bohemian chic look. The eclectic nature of boho weddings means you’ll find plenty of elements of nature, like an outdoorsy venue. The trend often features a mish-mash of textures, colors and prints throughout, from rugs and crocheted ceremony backdrops to lacy dresses.

As soon as she started looking for wedding planning inspiration, Lauren Bourdages said it was clear she was a trendy bride. For her September wedding, the bride went with an eclectic boho theme.

“Boho is in my blood. It's just who I am when it comes to style,” Bourdages says. “If I could wear a flower crown every day of my life, I would!”

For the outdoor ceremony, and reception at Fisherman’s Inn in Elbunrn, Ill., it was all about lush greenery, candles, soft tulle dresses and naked cakes.

While wedding themes can sometimes be fleeting, going with a trendy aesthetic can work as long as the bride and groom are committed. While Lauren says it can be natural for brides to have that “what if” feeling when planning, she wouldn’t change a thing about her wedding.

For those that may be unsure of going all in, consider balancing themed-elements with other, more traditional details.

When “The Great Gatsby” came out, for example, 1920s-themed weddings were all the rage. But you can always take small inspirations from that style and combine it with more traditional, modern elements, to create a subtler theme.

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