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Always a blonde, when her golden locks began to fade as she grew up, Elizabeth Mitchell kept her stands sunny with a boost from the bottle. Once engaged, she did what any diligent bride does. She marched to her stylist to discuss her day of do options for her upcoming Floridian fete. His advice, says Mitchell: “To have the natural, sun-kissed look I like, he told me to skip the highlights and go one or two shades darker for the next few months so by my wedding, he’ll have an empty canvas of healthy hair to work with and I’ll look like my blond self again.”

For Tim Weber, owner of Restoration Salon in Chicago, looking like the best version of yourself on your wedding day is the No. 1 priority. “Wedding day hair should match everyday you,” says Weber. His advice: Avoid looks that don’t suit you. “Wear your hair the way you look good. If you keep your hair short, why grow it out for a year when you are going to put it up and not look like yourself on your big day?”

Here’s how to keep your head on straight.

Ask Your Stylist About Pre-Wedding Maintenance

While Weber warns that brides with bobs not to grow because they feel obligated; for those with longer locks, the key to looking lush requires regular trimming every two months leading up to the wedding. And for those contemplating a dye job? Never pick a new color right before the big event. “You will regret your choice in the long run,” says Weber. “You’ll see a photo of yourself but not see yourself in the photo.”

Ask About Day-Of Management

From fending off fly-always to keeping curls under control, be sure to tell your stylist what your big day looks like, and set your hair to the setting. “For a beach wedding, think sexy flowing hair. Save the French twist for the more traditional trip down the aisle,” says Weber.


Weber sees stylists moving from pins and hairspray to keeping up-dos in place with needles and thread.


Hair should keep its movement from morning to night. Use a product that sets hair without making it hard.

Any strong relationship requires open communication, and the same holds true between you and your stylist. When choosing your day-of coif, over-disclose the details. Weber’s best piece of advice: Put yourself first, and don’t worry about hurting your stylist’s feelings. “Always go for a trial run, and if the trial run is bad, just run,” he says.

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