8 Unusual Ways to Pop the Question

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Proposing may be a centuries long tradition, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of modern ways to pop the question.

According to a survey by JamesAllen.com, an online jewelry store, 42 percent of millennials said that they made sure their proposal was unique compared to 15 percent of their older counterparts.
From avocado ring boxes to hidden photographers, here are some of the trendy ways young couples are making their proposals stand out – just in time for engagement season.

1. Make a Splash
Put a twist on the classic ocean-side proposal by popping the question under the sea. Heading to a tropical location? Go scuba diving together and bring along a waterproof “Will You Marry Me?” sign for an unforgettable experience. Or, if you prefer to stay dry, you can hop on board the Atlantis Adventures’ passenger submarine at the Hilton Hawaiian Village and arrange for a professional diver to deliver the proposal message.

2. Off to the Races
Ensure your proposal is a winner by getting down on one knee at the number one thoroughbred racetrack in North America. Located in Lexington, Kentucky, the Keeneland Race Course is a picturesque place for special events, including proposals, at its infamous starting gate or winner’s circle.

3. Throw a Party
Why wait to start celebrating? Eliminate the gap between proposing and the engagement party by combining the two into a single event. It’s a great way to allow your friends and family to be a part of the big moment – and give your fiancée a bonus surprise!

4. Go on a Treasure Hunt
Make your proposal one-of-a-kind by creating a scavenger hunt with clues only your partner can understand. Make it extra special by including the places, people and things that are significant to you both and your relationship (i.e. your favorite restaurant, where you had your first date or the place you shared your first kiss).

5. Capture the Moment Forever
One of the biggest trends in our social media saturated world is to hire a professional photographer to secretly snap the big moment. Other couples are going the DIY route by vlogging their proposal and partner’s reaction. Either way, technology can help ensure you’ll be able to relive the proposal for years to come!

6. Make History Together
Illustrate the significance of this moment by proposing at a historically significant site. For die-hard romantics, there’s Juliet’s Balcony in Verona, Italy; for lovers of all things royal, there’s Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland; and for history buffs, there’s the Reflecting Pool in Washington, D.C.

7. Find a Scenic Setting
The world is full of beautiful landscapes, so why not take advantage by proposing at an outdoor location? Whether you get down on one knee at the Grand Canyon’s Horseshoe Bend, on top of a mountain in Colorado, or just in Central Park, you’re sure to have a breathtaking backdrop to work with.

8. Unique Ring Box
Avocado ring “boxes” went viral earlier this year on Instagram, but if the creamy fruit isn’t the way to your beloved’s heart, there are plenty of other alternative options. If you’re proposing during the holidays, consider placing the ring on a string and hanging on the Christmas tree. If she’s a bibliophile, you can hollow out their favorite book for a meaningful surprise. Or, you can get Fido or Fluffy in on the act by tying the ring to their collar.
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