All Beauty, No Burns

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1. Trying self-tanner at the last-minute.

Sure, your goal may be a “sun-kissed” glow, but if you’re a first-timer, have sensitive skin or weren’t diligent about exfoliating, you could wind up with orange skin, breakout or an allergic reaction. To prevent a too-late-to-fix fiasco, talk to your dermatologist first and do a few trial runs many months in advance.

2. Forgetting to wear sunscreen.

Make sure you apply – and reapply – sunscreen in the months and especially weeks and days leading up to the wedding, advises Laurie Arons, a wedding planner and founder of San Francisco-based Laurie Arons Special Events.

3. Getting a facial treatment right before the event.

Unless you’re a longtime facial recipient, you don’t want to risk having inflammation, breakouts or an allergic reaction. Even facial pros should stick to a tried-and-true treatment and schedule their last appointment for at least a week prior.

4. Waxing in the days leading up to your wedding.

Your bikini area, armpits, upper lip and eyebrows can be very sensitive (especially if you’ve never waxed them before. It would be a terrible shame if your session resulted in ripped skin, irritation, redness, an allergic reaction or infection. If you must get waxed, use a salon you trust and go a week or two before the big day; you can shave or pluck for maintenance.

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