How to Plan a Destination Honeymoon

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1. Choose a Destination You’ll Both Love
She dreams of a “foodiemoon” in France, he wants to sail the Florida Keys. What’s the compromise? “Travel psychic” Linda Lauren says to sit down together with a map and look at the places you both have considered.
“Say the names aloud to each other and see how it makes you feel. Happy? Excited? You will internally know what place will nourish you the most,” Lauren says. If that doesn’t work, take the top four places on both your lists and name the pros and cons.

2. Think Experiential
“We’re seeing people want to encompass more experiences as their honeymoon together, instead of just laying on a beach and getting a tan,” says Rachel McIntyre, founder and president of Black Door Experiences in New York.
According to the country specialists at Audley Travel, many couples request a combination of off-the-beaten path destinations, adventure and culture with a little relaxation at the end. Mix with the locals and get a true sense of your destination beyond the guidebook.

3. Make the Most of Your Budget
Traveling in low season, for example to Mexico or the Caribbean in fall (typically known as hurricane season), could yield a 50-percent lower cost. McIntyre advises to research and consider the risks – check the area’s weather patterns over the past few years, inquire whether restaurants remain open – and weigh against potential perks such as fewer crowds and more access to exclusive venues.

4. Befriend the Concierge
When booking your hotel room, let the agent know it’s your honeymoon so the staff can make your stay extra special, shares Brian Honan, director of sales and marketing at The New York Palace. A honeymooner’s best friend is often the hotel concierge, so try to reach out even before your arrival to discuss any desires like concert tickets or restaurant reservations.
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