2 Unforgettable Wedding Meals

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Elyse Moore, wedding and social events manager for Chicago-based FIG Catering

My favorite wedding meal that I’ve served was a late-September dinner: cider-braised pork with housemade potato pierogis and green beans with frizzled onions. The bride loved pierogis and pork, but she must have asked me a million times if I thought her menu was “weird.” It’s the only full-service wedding we’ve catered with pulled pork, but ultimately, the bride and all her guests loved the food and everyone commented how unique the menu was. I’ve never had a couple regret doing something different.

My own wedding was on a farm in July. We’re vegetarian and decided to serve an entirely vegetarian family-style menu: tons of different vegetables with different grain, bean and vegetable fillings, like pea risotto-stuffed portabellos, corn and black bean-stuffed poblanos, and Moroccan spice couscous and chickpea-stuffed sweet peppers. Everything was so beautiful, colorful and flavorful that no one missed the meat.

Matthew Robbins, Martha Stewart’s right-hand wedding expert and author of “Matthew Robbins’ Inspired Weddings” (Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2012)

My favorite wedding meal was my own. I got married in October 2012, and it was a challenge to create a menu that worked for both of us. I’m vegan, and I also prefer gluten-free foods, and we both have southern roots we wanted to acknowledge. With the direction of my dear friend Julie Taras of restaurant Tipsy Parson in New York, we created an amazing vegan, southern-inspired menu. We even had vegan cornbread, biscuits and grits! These are not easy southern classics to transform into tasty vegan versions. We acknowledged our non-vegan friends by offering meat and/or dairy options, but the focus of the menu was vegan.

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