Stylish Grooms: How to Get the Look

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Everyone wants to look great on their wedding day. Especially the groom.

It just so happens that style is all the rage when it comes to men’s wedding attire. There’s something so chic about a one-button, single-breasted jacket that can highlight a man’s broad shoulders and trim waist.

Even fashion icon Vera Wang is in on men's wedding attire, forming a tuxedo-line partnership with The Men's Wearhouse clothing chain, featuring fine wool tuxedos with shorter jackets, tapered sleeves and narrower lapels in grosgrain or satin for a sleek silhouette.

“Fitted is a huge trend right now,” says John Street, co-owner of Street Tuxedo shops in Nashville, Tennessee. “Everything we buy is a fitted look. We won’t buy boxy coats.”

The flattering style also impacts the look of the tuxedo slacks.

“Everybody wants flat-front trousers,” says Jason White, owner of Bowties tuxedo shop in Las Vegas. “Pleated trousers are out.”

Cummerbunds also are yesteryear. In addition to skinny ties, grooms are opting for natty self-tie bow ties in colors corresponding to wedding themes. Plum and royal blue are popular colors at Street Tuxedo, Street says, along with neutrals such as latte, silver and ivory.

While black tuxedos still take the spotlight, grooms are embracing gray tuxedos as the hot-color alternative followed by tan. From light gray to dark heather, gray’s tonal shades make it a year-round pick for fall to summer weddings. Gray also complements a number of pastel colors that brides are wearing, such as champagne, blush and pink.
Both gray and tan are good options for less formal or daytime affairs, and they open the doors for personalization, like more flamboyant ties or other off-the-wall styles.

“Lots of guys are wearing Chuck Taylors or Vans,” says White, noting that it can be hard to find the right shoe to pair with nontraditional tux colors.

Vans checkerboard slip-ons are a wedding favorite for a “striking juxtaposition,” says Chris Overholser, senior communications manager of Cypress, California-based Vans. Men are also wearing the lace-up Authentic style in Italian leather, an upgrade from the traditional canvas style for a dressier look.

In warmer climates, such as Las Vegas, grooms are ditching their jackets for the big day. Instead, they’re wearing slacks, shirts and vests for a laid-back approach, especially with gray or tan styles.
While fashion purists may run amok at such a thought, White points out that weddings rules are taking a back seat to individualization.

“Tradition is out the window,” he says.

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