How to manage wedding planning stress

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From navigating family politics to dealing with 1,001 tiny details during your lunch break, planning your big day can lead to big-time tension. Here’s a primer of what to expect when you’re planning and how to manage the inevitable feeling of being overwhelmed.

Get some relief with these stay-sane suggestions:

Have reasonable expectations

Things will go wrong, so don’t expect perfection. Instead, accept that some things will go differently than you planned, focus on the positive, and think about how you might handle challenges in a healthy, productive way.

Get a massage

Whether it’s a foot rub at your favorite nail salon or a luxurious hot stone treatment at a local spa, massage reduces stress hormones and provides downtime when you simply can’t work on your wedding, says Lauren Housley, owner and lead coordinator at Chicago-based Ryan Alexander Events. Other self-care like facials, pedicures and acupuncture also can distract and refresh.

Exercise regularly

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: anything from CrossFit and aerobics to walking and yoga can boost your production of feel-good endorphins, increase your energy, serve as meditation in motion, and, let’s face it, help you look even better in your dream gown.

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