What Are the Rules for Digital Wedding Invites?

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Q: What’s the proper etiquette for handling electronic wedding invitations? What about online RSVPs?

A: Sure, the days of snail mail have certainly been upended by things like email and social media, but what about when it comes to wedding invitations?
It’s not uncommon for couples to only use evites or at the very least, manage RSVPs online to save from stamp and stationery costs. According to the Emily Post Institute on etiquette, however, a good rule of thumb is, “the more formal the communication, the less it is appropriate for email.”

In most cases, a paper wedding invitation is largely expected and standard. So while it may be nice to save money by not buying stationary, many of your guests will expect a physical invite in the mail. Plus, it’s a wonderful keepsake that you might miss in the future. If the wedding has been pushed up due to unforeseen circumstances and time is short, sending electronic invites may be appropriate. But try to at least deliver the invitation with a personal phone call to ensure guests understand.

Save the dates and wedding RSVPs, however, are perfectly fine to manage electronically. If you do choose to request RVSPs via email, do plan on including a phone number as well to be considerate of guests who may not be super computer-literate.

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