5 Uniquely beautiful bridal bouquet ideas

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If flowers just aren’t your thing, don’t worry; there are plenty of flower-free ways to create an eye-popping bridal bouquet. Get inspired by these out-of-the-box ideas for your big day.

1. Pretty Pinecones

Perfect for fall and winter weddings, pinecones are a timeless way to bring a bit of nature into your wedding day. You can also add some baby’s breath or other greens to the mix.

Plus, pinecones are easy to incorporate into various wedding day décor; think centerpieces, boutonnieres, name cards and beyond.

2. Bring on the Books

Your guests know you’re an avid reader, so why not put your inner-book worm on display with a books page bouquet? Pages can be arranged to look like flowers or other shapes. You can include those from a favorite book, love letters between you and your fiancé or lines from your favorite love poems. Words can’t explain how spot on the look will be for you.

3. Get Creative with Cotton

Go completely different with a bouquet filled with cotton balls and striking accents. So light and fluffy, your guests will get the feeling that you’re walking on snow. Makes a perfect addition to the winter wonderland look you’re aiming for. Tis the season!

4. Stunning Seashells

Nothing says summer beachside wedding like seashells. Keep the ocean vibe alive with a bouquet made of seashells. Add sentimental value by hand picking the shells with your soon-to-be spouse or using shells you’ve collected on past trips together.

5. Build a Lego Bouquet

Embrace your playful side on your big day with a Lego-inspired bouquet. Your guests will think it’s so you and so will your groom. After all, playfulness is a side of you he loves most!

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