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Save money and space or simply add memorable oomph to your décor with these six expert ideas for creative escort cards and place cards.

The ‘Double-Take’

Have your escort cards or place cards do double duty as favors, advises Tara Wilson. Dallas/Fort Worth area event designer and entertaining expert. Although this technique works for a whole host of novelty or useful items from mini memo-pads and picture frames to fresh fruit, candy bars and bottled water, one of Wilson’s favorite options is tying the cards to miniature potted plants. “Think cacti if you’re in Arizona or wildflowers if you’re in the country.”

The ‘Give & Take’

For a playful twist on the popular photo booth, Wilson suggests using clothespins to line up escort cards on sturdy yet pliable wire or twine. Then, as loved ones arrive to pick up their table assignment, have attendants take a Polaroid snapshot of each guest and replace their escort card with their picture.

Guests will enjoy going back to look at all the pictures, and you will ensure a photo of everyone who attended your event.

The ‘Package Deal’

Want a budget friendly option? Add each guest’s name to the top of a menu, says Anne Chertoff, editor-in-chief of You can then use these menus as the escort card or the place card.

The ‘Taste of Home’

Does your family or hometown have a famous dessert or other specialty recipe or treat? “Give everyone a taste of your heritage by filling colorful boxes with much-beloved cookies or other confections, or mini-mason jars with jams or even honey from a local bee farm,” Wilson says. Attach the names with tulle, burlap or vintage ribbon.

The ‘I Have a Theme’

If your nuptials are taking place at or near the beach, write guest names and table numbers on cards that are attached or inserted into shells, or write them on the shell itself, suggests Chertoff. For an autumn or harvest-themed event, you can write the names directly on a colorful assortment of paper leaves – real leaves also work, but they are very delicate, so consider gluing them to a paper background. If your “I Do’s” will take place during the winter holidays, Wilson recommends attaching name cards to ornaments, pine cones or bundles of dried spices.

And for a wine country wedding, slide place cards into pre-cut corks.

The ‘Something to Think About’

Wilson loves the idea of escort cards with meaning, thus, on the back of each escort card, she suggests writing a sweet or inspirational quote that relates to the theme of the wedding, or provides a fun factoid about the couple. Another option is to give the cards a purpose by printing silly or helpful conversation prompts on the back.

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