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Ice cream – two little words that bring people instant joy, happiness, and nostalgic memories (is the ice cream truck song stuck in your head yet?).
If there’s anything that could make your big day even bigger and better, it’s sweet treats like ice cream. And the cherry on top of it all? Frozen treats can be especially great for cooling down when tying the knot in warm weather.

Think beyond ‘vanilla’ wedding desserts

Just because cake is traditional doesn’t mean it’s the only option for wrapping up your wedding meal. From ice cream or froyo to gelato or an actual ice cream truck, there are plenty of ways to incorporate frozen treats into your wedding.

Many wedding caterers will offer sweet options like passed mini ice cream cones (perfect for refreshing those guests getting down on the dance floor) or include unique sweet stations outside of cake service.

Denver’s Serendipity Catering says they love experimenting with ice cream for weddings and suggests creative ideas like serving miniature root beer floats made with milk stout beer or setting up a variety of different ice cream and cookie flavors for guests to mix and match their own ice cream sandwiches.

You can also look into getting your ice cream fix by hiring ice cream companies like Ben & Jerry’s or Coldstone Creamery, or local shops like Glacier Homemade Gelato & Ice Cream in Boulder. Glacier founder Mark Mallen recommends that brides and grooms go to their local ice cream shops to taste test flavors in person. The shop can also create custom flavors, helpful as alcoholic ice creams and non-dairy treats become more popular, he adds.

Cater to any and all guests with a build-your-own setup

Please all of your guests with an ice cream station gives them the freedom to make custom creations. Think make-your-own sundaes with all the fixings, both traditional such as hot fudge and whipped cream, and nontraditional like candied ginger or crushed cannoli shells. Seattle’s Perfectly Posh Events says ice cream bars can even include options suitable for lactose-free, sugar-free or wheat-free options.

Mind the details so you don’t end up with a melted mess

Crystal Bakker, owner and CEO of Bridgeman’s Ice Cream based in Oakdale, Minn., says unique dessert options like ice cream have been all the rage recently. The most popular wedding option at Bridgeman’s is a build-your-own setup where guests can create their own treats.

But while DIY is a popular route, Bakker warns against taking this one on alone.

“There’s a reason having an ice cream station at your wedding is something you don’t see often,” Bakker says. “It’s because there’s a lot that goes into doing it right that many don’t consider.”

That includes things like making sure ice cream is kept cold enough to not become a puddle of ice cream soup (especially if it’s served outside in the heat), keeping toppings and sauces full, and grimacing through the mess that can be made with guests serving themselves.

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