Forget Crafts. This DIY Bride is Baking Her Own Cake


Most brides might not consider baking their wedding cake within the realm of feasible do-it-yourself wedding projects.

But if it's in your comfort zone, why not?

That's the attitude of Fionna McGregor, a bride-to-be from Melbourne, Australia, who's planning on DIY-ing the dessert for her November wedding.

"I'm quite skilled with baking, so for me it's an easy choice to make my own wedding cake," McGregor told the Herald Sun.

McGregor says she and her fiancé, a full-time student, are saving up for their first home, so cutting out a custom-cake bill will save them at least $500. Perfecting her confectionery skills also gives her some time to bond with her bridesmaids, who are helping out. 

"I'll be busy in the lead-up to the wedding so don't want to make any mistakes with the cake," she added.

[Photo: Tess Follett/Herald Sun]

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