10 Items to Ban from Your Wedding Menu

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The dinner menu can be one of the most difficult parts of the wedding to plan. You simply want something that will impress guests and taste great, but our modern times have made that all the more difficult, as you navigate around food allergies and dietary restrictions and the ethical constraints of certain eaters.

You might think it helpful to fall back on certain wedding standbys, but not so fast, says food bible Bon Appétit.

The magazine has called out 10 items that should be banned from wedding menus (the headline says 16, but the slideshow features 10, so we're going with 10). Citing reasons like simple predictability (late-night sliders) and high splatter risk (bruschetta), here is their list of offending items (click through to read their not-unwarranted gripes against each):

1. Bruschetta
2. The Raw Bar
3. Carving Stations
4. Shrimp Cocktail
5. Cheap Wine
6. Sliders
7. Chicken Marsala
8. Steamed Vegetable Medley
9. Chocolate Fountains
10. Surf and Turf

[Source: Bon Appétit]

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