3 Items Newlyweds Need to Get Cookin'

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Selecting kitchen items for a wedding registry is not the time to go overboard. And it’s easy not to. Just ask two questions before potentially scanning each item:

  1. Do I know how to use it?
  2. Do I have someplace to put it?

If you answer yes to both, go ahead and register for it. If not, maybe pump the brakes a bit. No one wants items they don’t use (read: wish they never registered for) taking up valuable kitchen space.

Instead, focus on a few simple items that offer quality and functionality, without cluttering the kitchen. It’s easier than you think.

Multifunction Pans

A first kitchen in a first home can be a pretty constrained space, is small homes aren’t big, so pieces that offer plenty of function without taking up a ton of space are ideal, such as a workhorse cast iron skillet.

A cast iron skillet will sear and roast meats in place of a grill and is an must-have come the weekend breakfast rush — bacon, eggs, pancakes, etc. There really isn’t much it cannot do, and it will work just as good decades from now as it does today. There isn’t a more versatile pan you can have in the kitchen.

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet – Crate and Barrel, $29.95

No-Nonsense Knives

There’s no need to an complete knife set if you’re not going to use most of them (or even know what they do?).

Rather, select a starter block that comes just with kitchen shears and a knife sharpener, then build your knife collection to suit your needs.

A great Chef’s or Japanese-style Santoku knife is a great go-to, but this Nakiri knife is the best of both worlds, offering the all-around versatility of a Chef’s knife with the slice ‘n’ dice quickness of a scalloped-blade Santoku. As you find yourself needing specific-need knives, go for ’em. You’ll have about a dozen knife slots to fill, after all, and you’ll probably have some gift cards from the wedding to help with the purchase.

Wüsthof Classic Black 3-piece Starter Set, $49.95, Crate and Barrel
Wüsthof Classic Black 7-inch Nakiri Knife, $99.95 Crate and Barrel

Name Recognition

These days, it’s tough not to find cookware that doesn’t have some type of celebrity-chef endorsement, and that’s not a bad thing. For one, there should be some assurance of quality (the chef lent their name to it). Also, like their cooking shows, they’re made to help the masses put meals on the table.

Going back to multifunctionality, there’s nearly limitless possibilities on what you can do with a piece, whether it’s a grill pan, roasting pan or dutch oven. And many have a nice, clean aesthetic for oven-to-table serving.

Giada De Laurentiis for Target; Mario Batali for Crate and Barrel

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