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Summer Weddings: How to Beat the Heat

Summer is hot, but your wedding should not be. Take these tips for coping with summer?s soaring temperatures so that it's your party that will be sizzling – not your guests


The Summer Bride's Guide to Skincare

The best accessory for your wedding gown is a healthy, protected you


Wedding Dogs: How to Get Them Involved

Of course you want your pup to be part of your wedding. Here’s how to ensure the day’s events are safe and fun for your pooch, your guests and you


... Then Comes Marriage

Forge a lasting life together with communication, compromise and a commitment to romance


How to Plan Your Wedding Menu, Your Way

Your favorite everyday foods are the perfect go-to for your wedding menu. Here’s how to do it


Undone: The Beauty Routine

If the morning is for getting your makeup and hair done, the evening is for undoing it. Here’s how to reverse your wedding look in an efficient, low-key manner at the end of the night


The Real Way to Wear False Lashes

False eyelashes don’t have to look fake. Follow these steps for fake lashes that will look great and last all night wearing them right


8 Ways to Have the Best Honeymoon Ever

Follow these travel and budget tips for the trip of a lifetime


Simple 'n' Sweet Cake Style

Forget over-the-top tiers. Focus on flavor and minimal décor for a cake that’s delicious yet still stylish

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